Are you tired of living stuck in survival mode when what you long for is a life that is meaningful, has purpose, and is fulfilling?

Do you want to learn how to stop the people-pleasing and the constant striving for perfection? Are you ready to stop  going through the motions, ready to stop putting everyone else before your own wants and needs?

If you are tired of feeling empty, lonely, and ‘not enough’, I want you to know that there is hope.

If you notice that the way you’ve always done things is no longer supporting you…or that you are struggling to move forward into your life…or feel stuck in a season that is causing you pain —-then it may be time to get support for the next steps.

I can help you create a life of intention, authenticity, and joy.

I know how difficult it can be to ask for help. Working with women who feel lost, empty, or stuck, and in need of new perspective is what I am passionate about.  I will support you as you begin to understand and work through the issues that are causing your struggles.  I will walk with you as you write new life chapters.

You can start a new journey.  A journey where you are aware and in touch with your emotions, your unique gifts, and where you are living with new purpose and passion.

Life isn’t always easy… but there is help and hope.

If you are ready to make a change, contact me.

About Me

Hello, I am Charlotte Easley LCSW and Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.  I am a wife, mom, sister, aunt, friend, and a therapist who works with women and women’s issues.

My passion is helping women of faith who feel lonely and unfulfilled and are tired of the same old routine. If you want to find passion and joy as you move through the seasons of life, I can help you figure that out.

We can work in the office or out with the horses.  You have choices.  Both bring you to a new place –stronger and more aware.  Read more about how I work.

If your heart’s desire is to be a thriving woman of purpose, call me.  Let’s talk about what’s holding you back and how you can rewrite the script. You can contact me by clicking here.


Find My Office

4185 Walt Robertson Road Lexington, KY 40511