Welcome, welcome, welcome…. Are you tired of living in survival/hurry/chaos mode when you long for a life that is aligned with your faith, grounded in God’s character, and where you experience things like peace, joy, purpose, passion? Do you want richer relationships with yourself and others? A life that feels fulfilling and confident? 

Do you identify with any of these:

People-pleasing behaviors


Struggle with boundaries

Lack confidence to speak up

Feel frustrated with one or more of your relationships

React more than respond to  your life

Feel like no one hears you

Struggle with change, or

Anxiety is your constant companion

You love lists but not sure how to navigate life events that don’t come with a list, i.e. relationships

Have a successful career and but your personal life is non-existent

Love Jesus but not sure how that fits into work, friendships, or the day-to-day

As a Life Coach for Christian women, I know how to support you to create a life of intention, authenticity, creativity, purpose, and find and nurture your joy.

My passion is creating a space for you to find your answers, learn new skills and perspectives that allow you to thrive as the woman you were created to be. Nothing is more powerful than you realizing that you have permission to let go of the expectations and demands of a world that uses a different lens.

If you want to look at old behaviors that don’t serve you anymore so you can begin to understand your worth based on who you are not what you do, then you have found a place to start. 

Are you ready for a new journey where you become aware and in touch with your emotions, your unique gifts, and live with new purpose and passion?

Let’s talk about how to get from here to there!

You have my promise to be there and support you as you learn how to be God’s girl in this season of life and show up with your gifts, your power, and own your journey.

You have my promise to hold you accountable, to support, and encourage you to stay faithful in a world that presses in, tells us we might be too much or not enough, a world that encourages us to stay small, and not ask for anything that might make anyone uncomfortable.

You have my promise to be with you during the entire process. I  will support you during the work. I will hold you accountable. I will expect you to do the work as you are the true expert on your life.

You have my promise to assist you in setting goals and building a plan to achieve those goals. I will support you as you identify roadblocks and hazards along the way. Don’t worry, together we will stick with it and see it through to the end.

You have my promise to ask for permission to challenge you and to look at things that you may be hiding from or behind. I am going to poke and prod until we get to the bottom of what is holding you back.

You have my promise to offer relevant skills, research, methods, and information that support you living your best life.

You have my promise that I will respect you and will ask you to respect yourself. I will ask you to practice self-care and self-compassion.


Coaching is about a journey of developing clarity, of the role faith plays in your life, of aligning values and priorities. You will have accountability as you learn skills and develop self-awareness.  In the practice field of your life, you will learn to respond with emotional and spiritual richness, rather than reaction. 

Retreats are designed intentionally to serve you well in whatever season you stand in. Whether you are looking for time away from the world to clear your head, a therapist looking for a reset, or a mother and daughter interested in reconnecting, my gift to you is to create experiences in an authentic, safe, exciting, and supportive space. 

I love a good workshop and these promise to be relevant to YOU, the real woman looking for support and community in everyday life. Want to rediscovering your playful self — step into the arena for some Horses and Yoga at #neighmasté! Or maybe you want to know more about how to navigate a season, get clarity on your values, brush up on communication skills,  or work on pesky perfectionism habits.  Workshops are great opportunities to be inspired, motivated, and learn.

What others have to say about working with Charlotte

  • Warm, open, and caring. Charlotte works with you to meet your goals and be happier, healthier, and find the joy in life.”

  • Working alongside Charlotte has been a life changing gift for me… I am consistently awed by her ability to inspire and encourage people to be their biggest, bravest, most fulfilled selves. If you’ve ever been curious about working with a coach, working with horses, or just being more intentional about the way you show up in the world, I really can’t recommend her enough. She’s magic…” 

  • Charlotte’s vast expertise and knowledge, combined with her compassionate heart and her giftedness as an encourager and a teacher, inspired me to step into new arenas of personal and professional development – areas of development that have forever enriched my life.  I am thankful beyond measure.

  • In each and every interaction I have with Charlotte, I experience feeling heard, uplifted, validated, encouraged, supported, valued, and engulfed by genuine concern for my well being. She has helped me put concerns or challenges in perspective and also provided a new way for me to approach an issue, feeling more capable, competent, and confident. I find her to be non-judgmental, with an incredible capacity of wisdom and compassion. Charlotte is very skilled on a number of levels and I am so grateful to have someone such as her to guide and help me.

  • With sensitivity, considerable observational skill, and wisdom Charlotte helped me navigate one of the most extraordinary passages of my life.  Her guidance helped me see the invaluable lessons before me that ultimately led to my growth, renewal, and peace.  In that process,Charlotte’s joy, humor, warmth, and heart were tremendous assets.