Therapists- Here’s a Question


Laura and I have a question for you.

Are you disappointed our Retreat is on a Friday?

What if… you asked your clients if they might reschedule because you are going to be out of the office that day doing a self-care retreat?

Even as I type this, I can feel my stomach tightening for you.

I get it… it is crazy vulnerable to ask our clients to mess with their schedules just because we want to do something that on the surface is not a funeral, surgery, or attending an event for those elusive CEU’s.

Why do we feel we have to justify ourselves to take time to care for our precious spirits?  Those resilient parts of us that pour out day after day.  What would it look like for you to ask that client who has had a long standing Friday appointment for the last year to come on another day?

You may not relate to this, but it is often hard for me to ask my clients to accommodate my life.

It is hard because I feel loyal to them. I am asking them to pay me for that already scheduled time and now I am asking them to change it. It is hard because I know how much that one hour of being heard helps them feel supported and strong for another seven days.  It is hard because I have to in some form or fashion admit to them that I am human and have a life outside that hour I spend with them each week.

If I am being real here, it is not only my clients I have a hard time asking.  Sometimes it’s my husband or my kids or my friends… and sometimes it’s myself.

That is why Laura and I jumped on the idea of this workshop for you.  Yes, every one of you who day in and day out care for others.  All of you who are loyal, and learned, and sometimes need to know that it is okay to take a middle of the week day to go fill up, replenish, be intentional, and restore your connected self without anyone needing anything from you.

This retreat day isn’t a magic formula to make everything right in your world.  It is a day when our team will hold open a space in the arena just for you.  A space where you will be able to lay aside all the ‘I have to’s’.  A space where you can practice standing tall, and strong, and aware that you are doing just fine.  That you are enough.  That you are brave.

So write yourself a permission slip (yes that is part of the Daring Way™ plan of living wholehearted), clear your schedule and come into the arena with us and our herd for a day of you.

Come join us.  Hit this link and give yourself a huge gift…. get signed up.  Bring a friend!  We can’t wait!