As women of faith, we have an incredible gift of love available to us. Unconditional, unhuman acceptance and love, yet we are confused by what that means. We believe God’s promises but to be in the world means to be influenced by it and the overlay often means that we grow accustomed to the lies of being not enough or being too much. 

In this broken place, where our heart’s desire is to show Jesus to the world, we somehow can’t find a way to be Jesus to ourselves. We work hard to keep ourselves in our place and shrink to fit the space that people appoint for us. We have learned that our emotions are not appropriate and so we never get too happy or too sad or too angry. We live like walkers on the tightrope of living just right. 

The Grace Process is about learning how to navigate this life where some days we get it right or close to right and some days we get it horribly wrong. It is about the process and not the perfection of living just right. It is about embracing all the things that go into growth, and freedom, and showing up fierce. It is about tenderness, accountability, and welcoming. A lot of the work in the Grace Process is about boundaries, with others and with yourself, with your soul. It is a path of discovery of self-awareness that deepens spiritual awareness.

Hi It's Me

Hi, it’s Charlotte! I’m a clinically trained coach for women. I specialize in mental health, learning, and healing. I’m a wife, sister, aunt, friend, with a heart for helping Christian women thrive. My passion and purpose is to help you rewrite the script and become the woman of purpose that you were called to be.

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Personal Blog

I love to speak at a variety of conferences, workshops, retreats, small groups and events. Here are some of the topics I can cover during speaking engagements:

  • Why Horses: Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning
  • Space for the Healers,Self-Compassion, and Self-Care
  • Why is Saying No So Hard? Boundaries for the Good Girl
  • Christian Women in Leadership

Contact me for a full list of topics and how we can work together!

“Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone. Because if we all did for one what we wish we could do for everyone, it might change the world. But certainly, it would change one person’s world. It may even change your world.”

-Andy Stanley

I believe this world needs people who care.

I value paying it forward. Whether a dollar or an hour, giving out of our own blessing is one way we practice joy and purpose. If you want to investigate giving back, community, and supporting worthwhile causes here are a few organizations that support issues relevant to women and our families locally and abroad. 

Libete Made In Haiti Shop

When you buy something they’ve made, it may seem like just another “pretty”. But for these ladies, it’s freedom (“Libète” in Haitian Creole). It means everything to them. It provides a dignified job, good income and the ability to support their families. 

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Natalie’s Sisters

Natalie’s Sisters Ministry creates life change opportunities for women in the sex industry by extending hope, support and God’s unconditional love to women working in local adult entertainment venues and prostitution. They serve through home-cooked meals, club and jail visits, special events, and street ministry. They also offer a daily drop-in center which provides women life enhancement experiences, access to community resources, and job and life skills training.

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Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center

The focus of Ampersand is to support folks who have been impacted by sexual violence, and to engage the community in changing the culture. Donations provide 24/7 support to survivors, assure long term free therapy to survivors, and more.

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