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Consulting For Professionals


As a therapist and an equine specialist who has developed programming for many different populations,  I have a unique consulting perspective for other professionals who wish to learn more about how to do trauma-informed equine assisted work.  I love working with horses and with other professionals who get that this work is such a gift and a change agent for our clients.

There are lots ways to work with me either individually or with your team to bring trauma-informed equine assisted therapy to your practice.


One-on-One Consulting

You receive one-on-one time with me to address your goals, questions, or understanding for incorporating or enhancing a trauma-informed equine assisted approach. If you are local, this can be face-to-face or we will connect through a HIPPA compliant video call.

Consulting addresses your specific situation and goals. Whether that is:

  • Gathering information about pursuing this therapeutic approach in your practice.
  • Wondering about the nuts and bolts of starting or partnering in a EAP/EAL practice.
  • Looking for support with activities, finding a niche, understanding how working with a trauma informed lens impacts your team.
  • Wanting to discuss a place where you are stuck or need new resources

If this is you, then let’s schedule a consulting call.  You can send me a message through this page or at


Fees: $175.00 / 60 minute session and follow-up email.

All consulting calls are scheduled for Thursday and Friday mornings EST.


On Site Consultation or Training

If you are starting with a new team, beginning a new program, or want a hands on learning experience, I will come to your site and do a training to meet your needs.

Sometimes it is about clarifying roles, talking about horse behavior, new ways to reach a therapeutic goal, or paperwork that just needs a face-to-face meeting to bring confidence and skills to move into your work with fresh perspective.


You can also bring your team to me for an in the arena experience with my team.

Fees:  Contact me




Equine Assisted Therapy and EMDR as an Adjunct

Working with a client who is stuck? We can work together to bring your client insight, develop new self-awareness, and expand problem solving skills. Adding equine assisted psychotherapy in a trauma-informed environment can be resourcing to both you and your client. The horse creates a safe place to experience emotions that may feel overwhelming in traditional settings.

Equine assisted psychotherapy will challenge your client with new perspective and thinking. I can work with you and your client in the equine environment as your equine specialist.

I am also a certified EA-EMDR (Equine Assisted EMDR) practitioner and work with other therapists who either send their clients to me for EMDR or I can work with you and your client in the arena doing EA-EMDR.

Contact me for information about how to add this powerful service for your clients.


Working with you and your client:$150/hour for EA-EMDR (includes check in before and after with you)

$150.00/hour for EMDR with your client


Get out of the office and try something that will refresh and intrigue you–something that will challenge you with new perspective and thinking.

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For Your Clients:


EASTT (Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Therapy)

EASTT (Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Therapy) is an experiential psycho-educational model for survivors of sexual trauma.

If you want to know more about the model developed in collaboration with Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center contact me or Becca Mattingly at Ampersand.

This podcast describes  how we partner with the herd in the EASTT group  and the story of EASTT (Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Therapy) for sexual trauma.

The EASTT model has  presented at the PATH, Int. Conference, and at the NACSW Conference, featured in STRIDES magazine, and is the recipient of the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programming (KASAP) Innovation Program of 2016.

Next EASTT Group is Spring 2020 –

Cost to your client:  Free

Information: Ampersand– Becca Mattingly to get on the list!


For Therapists and Other Professionals


Retreat for Trauma Therapy Therapists



Charlotte hosts a retreat for Trauma Therapy Providers each year.   This retreat takes place on the grounds of the beautiful Kentucky Horse Park  at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope in Lexington, KY and offers you the opportunity to spend time with a horse partner doing activities that are creative, mindful, and restorative.  The retreat is designed to support you as you bring intention to how you are caring for yourself, finding balance, and looking forward as you do the work of trauma therapy.

Retreat size is limited to a small group and  involves structured activities as well as time to reflect and relax in the horse environment. You will explore, plan, and bring your creative brain on line.   Time with your horse partner will involve experiential playfulness as you mindfully create your day to day, your dreams, and your goals using horse size toys and activities. Let the herd reconnect you to your passion and purpose in the work you do. The weekend will be filled with yoga, expressive writing, laughter, and horses as your creative canvas.

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Workshops for Professionals


This is Therapy????

In this two-hour workshop, you will experience the power of equine assisted therapy and have a self-care experience all in one. Come and join me at the beautiful Central Kentucky Riding For Hope barn for a unique learning experience.

CEU’s available.


Why Horses:  Equine Assisted Mental Health and Learning

What is EAP/EAL all about?  An experiential workshop on how horses help you help your clients.


What Happened to You/ What’s Wrong with You: Trauma- Informed Care and EAP.

This workshop takes learning about trauma-informed care to the arena for an experiential environment that will take your practice to the next level.

CEU’s available



Staff Retreats  at CKRH are unlike any other experience –we have a large conference area, kitchen facilities, and presentation capabilities and for extra punch-let us add an experiential component with the horses to supplement your program for the day., and maybe a yoga session, and possibly some art therapy…. possibilities are limitless…


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Publications and Presentations


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Creating Routine for Preparation, Execution, and Release for EFL/EFP Team with Charlotte and Lisa Swanson

PATH, Int. Conference- San Antonio, TX

My Therapist Lives in a Barn: The Story of EASTT

PATH Intl. Conference- Williamsburg, VA


My Therapist Lives in a Barn: The EASTT Approach for Survivors of Trauma

 Annual Convention and Training Conference of NACSW, Cincinnati, OH  


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Please contact me if you are seeking internship availability.

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