EMDR- How Can it Help You?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) will help you understand that feeling that you get when you know something but you just don’t feel it.

That knowing but not feeling happens because there is a disconnect between the thought center of our brains and the emotional, feeling center. The link is broken.

A flood of feelings can cause our brains to overload and the link between the feelings and what we know to be true and logical doesn’t always happen. When the feelings take over, you can’t access the logical thought to manage the feelings.

This is where the EMDR approach helps you reconnect the thoughts and the feelings to create a new healthy link that allows knowing and feeling to be congruent, and to bring clarity.

Why choose EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is used to help people deal with issues that cause emotional distress. The distress can come from trauma, anxiety, irrational or negative thinking, performance anxiety, or grief and loss issues.

Sometimes the negative thoughts or feelings can interfere with our relationships, keep us from reaching a goal, or keep us from moving on with our lives. The negative thoughts or the feelings can cause us to believe things about ourselves that are not true. EMDR targets and addresses these past negative beliefs and/or those overwhelming feelings to understand how they interfered with the past, how they are showing up in the present, and examine future events where these beliefs might come into play.

What is EMDR?

EMDR targets and addresses the broken link between the thoughts and feelings by identifying past negative beliefs and feelings that stand in your way of being the best version of you. Next, you and your therapist will discuss where these may be showing up in the present, and assess what are future events where the beliefs or feelings may come into play.

EMDR works with the brain’s natural ability to continually adjust and reorganize to identify the distress, the memory and/or the thought and rebuild a healthy link. EMDR therapy starts as you and the therapist go over your story and identify your strengths and coping skills. You may spend some time learning new skills to support you.

Next you and your therapist will access the stuck points, the thoughts or feelings that are causing you distress. As those are identified they are reprocessed using eye movements from side to side or tapping or sounds integration, while the reprocessing is done. This left-right stimulation allows the brain to take the feelings, thoughts and integrate them into a positive true belief and congruence. This can happen with you telling your story or by just letting your thoughts come without speaking but with the support of your therapist.

After you have done the reprocessing you and your therapist will work to integrate your new way of thinking and feeling into your life. New links are created between the thoughts and the feelings so they are congruent. This brings a release from the sensations and the distress that comes from the conflict of knowing and feeling.


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