A Woman’s Life Equine Groups

There’s something about stepping into the barn…
You hear soft sounds from the horses as they munch on hay in their stalls.
There is something about this that feels connected.

Being with the horses, you can practice being in the moment. As you experience the presence of these intelligent creatures you will find reassurance that you are ‘enough’ when the horses trust you to enter their space.

Horses allow you to experience the feeling of healthy relationship while allowing you to feel a sense of trust and connection. As your understanding of how it feels to be accepted just as you are, you begin to notice how these key elements show up in other relationships.

Horses help you take off the mask of your usual “I’m fine” by reacting to your non-verbal communication. Often what we say with our mouths is not what shows up in our body language. Horses pay attention to that body language and help you understand when what you say does not match what you feel.

As self-awareness grows, horses also give you an opportunity to practice new behaviors. Practicing in this non-judgmental environment cultivates a sense of well-being and confidence. This authentic feedback and the sense of connectedness are why working with horses has become part of my story.

Individual Sessions

Individual services are one hour in length and take place at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope at the Kentucky Horse Park. We can address the issues that are holding you stuck, make plans about reaching future goals in relationships, work, personal habits, or develop skills that help you manage your present situation, all while partnering with a horse or a herd.

Group Workshops

A Woman’s Life Equine Assisted Workshops are opportunities to do something different just for you.

Workshops are designed for different needs as well as introduce more mindfulness into your life. Some offer fun and the opportunity to rediscover your playful, thoughtful, and creative self.   Other workshops are about building skills to improve your relationships or life circumstances.  All of this while feeling supported and heard by the facilitators, the group, and most importantly, the horse.

All workshops are  designed to support you as you seek to explore new dimensions of being the best version of you. No riding or horse knowledge or experience is needed.

A Woman’s Life

Equine Assisted Workshops

Authentic Self Retreat : Equine Daring Way™ Retreat– Crownsville, Maryland

Letting Go Gracefully– Thriving in Your Empty Nest

People-Pleasing and Other Things Good Christian Girls Do

Horses and Yoga: Mindfulness in the Arena

Grief Support: Healing with Hope


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