Intentional Grace


Are you a ‘get-it-done’ gal trying to do the right thing?

Say goodbye to all the  People-pleasing and Perfectionism!

Stop running from one thing to another, reacting instead of responding..

If all you want is to love others well, be like Jesus, and find some joy–

You are in the right place!

Does this

sound like you?

You are living overwhelmed exhausted, frustrated, and tired of trying to meet everyone else’s needs.  Striving to be ‘good,  and feeling a little hopeless that things can change.

You pray every morning to be a woman who lovingly responds to her life.  But somewhere between the lists, the emergencies, the asks you find yourself reacting not responding–and feel like you failed.

You want to be intentional, but you are just too busy.  You have been wishing someone would help you be accountable and help you move forward!

You love Jesus.  You want a safe place with like-minded women where you are learning and exploring new resources and new ways to show up being the best God-version of you. 

Or maybe

this is you?

 Maybe you are moving into a new season, or just got through a big change and want to have an intentional way to move forward.

You don’t feel confident enough to speak up or hesitate to use your strengths because you might make someone uncomfortable, or you are afraid of what others might say or think about you. You ‘hate’ conflict and avoid anything where others may see you.  

You want but don’t know how to:  1) set boundaries for yourself and with others; 2) to say what you think, what you want, or to take a stand even when you know God is nudging you.

You are a leader and you get things done in parts of your life, but struggle in relationships that are closest to you.

WHY Intentional Grace


This is the place to get the tools, the support, the permission to start living aligned and alive!

I love creating this space for you because I know how much you demand of yourself and how much others expect of you

As a recovering “good Christian girl”, I understand how it feels to understand yourself through the lens of  “do more,” make sure everyone is comfortable (even if you aren’t), and stay small so no one can say you are “too big for your britches.”.  I grew up surrounded by beautiful women of faith who understood their worth through what they did or accomplished not who they were.  

In my training as a therapist, my own experience, and my work with many women, I have learned that how we think and where we put our focus makes a difference!  I can help you understand why you do the things you do and give you the tools to move out of that place of performance to become that uniquely gifted, and intentionally aligned woman God meant you to be.

Here’s what I know about the journey:
  • you are so much more than what you do
  • the stories you tell about yourself need to be told through the lens of what God says, not what you feel, or  what others think.
  • you are fearfully and wonderfully made and CAN change the relationship with your thoughts, your relationships with others, and that also deepens your relationship with your Creator.

to move forward-- aligned and alive

The Intentional Grace Academy™

is an 8-week group for Christian women who want more than just getting through the day.  

This is an intentional space for women who want to learn how to show up with more grace, more responsiveness, and aligned with a sense of passion and purpose in a world where you are pulled in so many directions.

What Is This Group?

IGA is a unique community that empowers and equips you to move beyond the old story of the ‘good little Christian girl’ who has been denying the story that God put in her heart.  

This is for you if you are ready to:

  • look at who you are separate from what you do
  • stop reacting and start responding to your life
  • seriously consider your gifts and strengths, values, and the things that light you up
  • tap into that part of you that has been pushed down to please others
  • learn why you do the things you do that cause you distress
  • want to manage your emotions and make space for joy, peace, grace
  • to boldly move forward into the best version of the woman you are created to be. 
Intentional Grace Academy is the place to put biblical principles into place to understand:
  • the importance and the language of boundaries 
  • your God-given voice
  • focus on who and whose you are.  
IGA is a deep dive into the doubt and behaviors that don’t support you moving forward.

Things like:

  • old mindsets that are not serving you
  • how to become curious and be okay with uncertainty
  • thought habits that are not helpful

If you are tired of people-pleasing, perfectionism, doubt, and worry-

 this is the time, the place, and the group for you. 


BENEFITS of Being a Member of IGA


 You will feel empowered with a deep sense and awareness your unique gifts and strengths. 


 You will have written statements and a clear understanding of your values, your priorities, and how you want to show up in this world.


You will identify yourself separately from what you do and discern the motives for your choices.


You will have a process to identify, understand, and address thought patterns that overwhelm and are not aligned with your truth.


You will have permission to explore new perspectives in light of who and whose you are.


You will have new tools and skills to renew your thoughts, set your course, and pursue that purpose.

Let's Create Vertical Focus

Becoming, Aligning, Moving Forward

Intentional is the starting place.  If you are not intentional, the thought, the goal, or the priority will sit in the “I want this” stage, never moving forward. Getting clear about your goals, your why, and your vision aligns you with your desired outcomes. Choosing not to be intentional means that you put off identifying and owning your passion. It is making a choice not to articulate what you want, put off making a plan to address the changes – meaning you stay where you are right now.

Grace is the place you look at the story you tell yourself about who you are.  The true story – where God created you in His image, where you are dearly loved, kept, and called.  The world is desperate for you to step into your calling, use your gifts and your strengths.  Becoming aware of the ways you deny yourself that grace that you speak over others so eloquently about God’s abounding love for them changes your perspective, allowing room for things like joy, peace, patience.   Learning the language of grace involves changing the conversation with yourself and writing a new story instead of narrating the same old one. Then in the day-to-day practice field of your life, you learn to renew your mind and step into your influence to honor the creation that is specifically you.

Academy is a place of study or training in a particular field. You, my beautiful friend, are the unique field you will be entering to study.  If you love to learn, have tools, understand why you are doing what you do, and want resources to change, this is significant.  If your feelings are swirling around the facts, and you feel stuck in the emotions, you need support to bring the knowledge into action to move forward. 

Intentional Grace Academy takes you from feelings that overwhelm you to mindfully and prayerfully making choices that honor who you are and how you move forward with confidence, clarity, aligned with purpose and passion for the next chapter in your life. 

Weekly Topics

Week 1

Strategy & Focus:  1:1 Coaching Session with Charlotte

Week 2

Foundations & Intentional Life

week 3

Developing a Biblical and a Growth Mindset

week 4

Choices & Eliminating Static of Perfectionism, People-Pleasing

week 5

Aligning with Biblical Truth about Relationships with Self and Others

week 6

Putting It All Together to Shift Perspectives

week 7

Trusting the Process & Alignment

Week 8

Permission, Thriving, and Your Vision

Post Group

1:1 Coaching Session with Charlotte to move forward with confidence and clarity!

What we will

learn together

  • The first week is a 1:1 with me to strategically set up a plan designed specifically for you as you commit to the next 8 weeks. We will explore the thoughts, behaviors, and circumstances that are keeping you from making a change and discern the best way for me to coach you to achieve your goals.

  • Week 2 is our first community group and you will learn with other like-minded women the foundational aspects of identifying the change process as we focus on our thought life, as well as, make a plan for balance, priorities, and begin assessing strengths and values for the work ahead.

  • Week 3  we address mindset, inventories for discerning your dreams, recognizing perfectionistic and other thinking styles, gleaning new skills to renew old stories that need to be rewritten.


    Week 4 is all about choices. We will delve into how to make choices about all things, how to honor our values, priorities, and how to discern God in all the static of people-pleasing or perfectionism or controlling.

  • Week 5 we begin to learn the nuts and bolts of boundaries, acceptance, and how assumptions shape our relationships. Refining our stories to align our behaviors and choices with our values, and our identity as a child of God.

  • Week 6 you will start to put your info into place, fine-tuning the work, recognizing the practice fields, addressing stuck points, and practice shifting perspectives.

  • Week 7 you are going to delve into trusting the process and aligning with the new story, looking at your next steps with renewed thinking, and planning how to use your new tools to follow through to live aligned with grace and intention.

  • Week 8 is the week you get permission to step into the new vision, the new understanding of who you are, and create accountability for the next steps with clarity about your values, priorities, worth, and aligned with your faith. 


*payment plans available


  • 2 -60 minute Virtual 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Charlotte to Identify Challenges & Goal Setting ($300 value)
  • 7 Weekly 90 Minute Sessions Guided by Charlotte ($1330 value)
  • Weekly Worksheets and Additional Resources for Growth & Support ($300 value)
  • Support & Accountability between Sessions (priceless💗)
  • Access to Private Membership Site
  • Access to Recordings of Sessions
  • Surprises... (I love surprises!) There are love gifts coming your way!👑
  • Bonus: Recorded Interviews with Special Guests
  • Bonus: Creating Your Vision Workshop ($75 value)
  • An intensive dive into becoming the woman you were created to be (truly priceless)
from others

sweet notes

  • Warm, open, and caring. Charlotte works with you to meet your goals and be happier, healthier, and find the joy in life.

  • Charlotte’s vast expertise and knowledge, combined with her compassionate heart and her giftedness as an encourager and a teacher, inspired me to step into new arenas of personal and professional development – areas of development that have forever enriched my life.  I am thankful beyond measure.

  • In each and every interaction I have with Charlotte, I experience feeling heard, uplifted, validated, encouraged, supported, valued, and engulfed by genuine concern for my well-being. She has helped me put concerns or challenges in perspective and also provided a new way for me to approach an issue, feeling more capable, competent, and confident. I find her to be non-judgmental, with an incredible capacity of wisdom and compassion. Charlotte is very skilled on a number of levels and I am so grateful to have someone such as her to guide and help me.

  • With sensitivity, considerable observational skill, and wisdom Charlotte helped me navigate one of the most extraordinary passages of my life.  Her guidance helped me see the invaluable lessons before me that ultimately led to my growth, renewal, and peace.  In that process, Charlotte’s joy, humor, warmth, and heart were tremendous assets.

You've got Q's

I've got A's

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in two installments – one, when you sign up, and the second before the 4th group.


What are the dates?

1:1 Coaching calls start February 16th, 

Group calls start February 23

March 2, 9, 16, 23,  30, and 

April 6

Follow-up 1:1 week of April 11-15.

Group calls are Wednesdays, 4:00 – 5:30 

How many participants will be in the group?

 IGA is created to be a community where you receive support, accountability, and can address individual situations, for community aspects and also to address your individual needs the group is limited to 5 women. 

What about the price—it seems big-end.

It is.  This is a unique group is designed to give you the resources, skills, and awareness to support you in reaching your goals in a short period of time so that you can be deliberate and focused on creating the awareness, using the tools in real-time with real-time support! The goal–make the changes that will allow you to live more aligned with the truth of who and whose you are so that you realize God has given you a vision,  gifts, and a passion to live out in this world that desperately needs you.  You are where you are to show up with your emotions regulated, a vertical focus, and a strong sense of your worth as a princess of the Most High King.  

What do I need to do to prepare for this?

A commitment to invest in yourself and intentionality planning to set aside the times of the group to participate.  This is an investment in yourself and I want you to receive the full benefit of the work. The nature of this group is to create a like-minded, supportive community and I have chosen to keep the group at a size that allows for that.

Is there a refund once I join the group?

Due to the process (such a limited number of spaces, and the nature of the group (a lot of time, prayer and intention have gone into the process), there is no refund once you have committed. Think about if the investment is right for you at this time. Be intentional… Trust the process.. pray!

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

Hey girl, consider how much you want to change the way you are doing life now. But first of all, pray.  If this is your opportunity to take some time to grow or smooth out rough spots in your relationships, how you want to show up, and to be intentional about those places in your life that are not aligned with who you believe God is calling you to be, then it’s for you. If you want to talk to me about if this group is a good fit- schedule a call with me!!

What topics are covered each week?

Week 1: Strategy & Focus -this is a 1:1  coaching session with Charlotte
Week 2: Foundations & Intentional Life
Week 3: Developing a Growth Mindset
Week 4: Choices & Eliminating Static of Perfectionism, People-Pleasing
Week 5: Aligning with Biblical Truth about Relationships with Self and Others 
Week 6: Putting It All Together to Shift Perspectives
Week 7: Trusting the Process & Alignment
Week 8: Permission, Thriving, and Your Vision

Bonus:  1:1 Strategy and Moving Forward Coaching session with Charlotte at the end of the group