Are you preparing for an empty Nest?

Let's get intentional and do this with grace and joy!

Join me for this LIVE Virtual Workshop:

Letting Go Gracefully

Thriving in Your Empty Nest

May 17, 2022

Workshop Closed! Watch for more info!

You worked hard at being a good mom,

Now it’s time to launch them and find your new rhythm!


Oh, sweet Momma!

I see you planning senior parties, thinking about

the beautiful summer ahead of you and this

adult/child you are sending out into the world.  

Empty Nest sounds so…empty.

As you and your child prepare to take that next step, will you be stress-filled or joy-filled?

What will you do with all that emotion and overwhelm at all the changes?

You knew this was coming, but that doesn’t mean you are ready!  

You are not alone.


You can be prepared and equipped to

do this with grace and joy!

Don’t let the busyness make it easy to ignore and push down all those thoughts and FEELINGS about the new normal you are headed into.  

Stop for a second and notice…


One of the most challenging things is all the feelings. Emotions are so complicated (lots of things all at the same time)

  • Sadness
  • Pride and awe at the adult you have raised
  • Amazed at how your body remembers holding that little one who crawled into your lap for a kiss and fell asleep in your arms
  • Worry 
  • Fear of the unknown and uncertainty that comes with this change
  • Excitement over what all this change can mean
  • Confusion at how fast the time has flown

Let’s get real about how all this comes into play, so you aren’t caught unaware…

The Expectations…

Are you expecting everyone to be on the same page with their emotions and how they want this season to play out?

Then, find out that no one is playing by ‘your’ rules?

Are you envisioning a wonderful, peace-filled summer of memory-making and fun family outings?

Then, find out no one wants to participate or does so grudgingly?

Let’s get those expectations aligned…

And what about you?

Will you be:

    • feeling more pressure to be the go-between for everyone in this change 
    • exhausted trying to meet all the deadlines and make everything perfectly wonderful
    • working overtime not to overreact or to acknowledge your own emotions
    • trying to control the uncontrollable agendas and make everyone happy

How will you respond when family members act like the world is just the same as it was or that nothing is a big deal?  

Let’s get some tools to manage the reactions to the changes…

And are you feeling the loss, intensity, the reality that soon there will be:

  • one less person sitting at the supper table
  • one less person’s schedule to workaround
  • one less person to kiss on the cheek and say- ‘Be Careful’ as they head out to school, a friend’s, or work

It’s okay. You are not alone!


This is a season of growth, faith, and new things.   You are negotiating uncertainty, reestablishing relationships with so many things and people, and looking at a new way to live forward.  It is coming whether you do it intentionally or just let it play out.  

I’m here, and I have a plan to encourage, equip and exhort you to step forward strong and confident, ready for the next thing!

I love Jesus, and I am a momma, a wife, and a relationship coach for Christian women.  I am a former therapist who gets the hard stuff.    I have been there and done that. 

I remember praying:

How do I manage all that’s on my heart and head while not trusting that they’ll get their application completed and mailed in on time?
(Hint: This workshop includes a tool to determine when to help and when to let go.)
What do I do with the desire to hold them tight and the excitement and pride I feel 
watching them figure out life?
(Hint: We will discuss how to hold the emotions and stay present.)
How do I stay in touch and stay out of the way?
(Hint: There will be a worksheet to explore how boundaries will be different)
Lord, show me how!
(Hint: The Lord has already gone before you and your child, and you will be equipped with Biblical principles to keep your focus in the right place.)

 It is hard to send your kids out into the world when you know the enemy of their souls has a plan for them.

BUT…here’s the thing– you know those prayers you’ve prayed?

The One who has been hearing those prayers is your hope.  

Your job is to refocus and refine your faith as you lean in to trust the High King of Heaven with your precious child on a whole new level.  You get to go deeper and know that He will protect and guide them when you aren’t able. You will begin to see a bigger picture as you watch this child for whom you prayed carve out their stories of His faithfulness. 

AND, you get to look to Him to take the next steps toward becoming the woman you were created to be in this new season!

THIS IS WHY I CREATED THIS SPACE!  I don’t want you to be overwhelmed, unsure about your next steps, or side-swiped by the emotions.

I want to be here for you to share how to do this with grace and intention!

Join me

May 17th

12:00- 1:30 pm EDT


Letting Go Gracefully:  Thriving  in Your Empty Nest


Wondering what life be like when they are gone?  

Wondering what the new rules are for having an adult child?

This workshop is…

just the thing if you feel a little out of sorts about this change and what it means for you.  

Letting Go Gracefully is designed to give you support, tools, and knowledge to manage this season with grace, awareness, and perspective.    

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of awareness so you can enjoy time with your child and intentionally move forward with assurance for such a time as this!

Our time together is going to wonderful!

What We Are Covering

align your mindset

  • be intentional aligning expectations with the reality of the following months/years
  •  what boundaries might be appropriate for you and yours in this season of change
  • manage emotions with two essential tools

biblical principles for grace and growth

  • new connections with your adult child in the transition
  • support your family as you navigate this season, modeling peace, patience, joy, self-control, and love

Grace-filled Boundaries

  • know when to help and when to be hands-off
  • how communication may look different and how to not take it personally
  • how to have the hard conversations

looking forward *what's next

  • show up and move forward with all the emotions- the pleasant and the hard
  • tend to your heart and think about this next season of your own life
  • you are created for glory


I need there 4 things!




  • 1.5 hour live virtual group session with Charlotte ($150.00 value)
  • Letting Go Gracefully Workbook ($20..00 value)
  • Values and Priorities Workbook- Pre-Workshop ($15.00 value)
  • 2 tools to change the whole conversation (priceless❤️)
  • 4 Simple Ways to Look at Boundaries in this Season (life-changing)
  • The Woman Of Adult Children Prayer
  • Practical Steps For Moving Forward (a gift you are giving yourself)
  • Recorded Workshop for Future Reference ($50.00)


“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted my petition made to Him. Therefore I have given him to the Lord, as long as he lives he is given to the Lord.” -1 Samuel 1:28


Hannah’s prayer as she took her 3-year-old son to the temple and dedicated him to God for his life strikes a chord for anyone who has loved and nurtured a child.  We look at the brokenness of the world, at the uncertainty of the day-to-day and our stomachs twist as we think about sending our babes out to make choices about how to live and honor the calling and purposes that God has assigned them before time. 

Join me and let’s explore how to let go, move forward, lean in, and carry on with grace… it will make a difference.

You have the head knowledge and know that we are called to trust that God knows and loves our children even more than we do.  They are His before they are ours, beloved, called, and kept.  

Our job as mothers starts with very physical demands – no sleep, heartache when they have physical or emotional pain, intense joy as they walk, then run…

Next, there are more demands around our time– to teach, to give experience; to let them try new things, test the waters of navigating…

Finally, we come to the point where we are called to be intentional and dedicated to let go so they can become the people God has created them to be and we stand in the gap and pray.

This workshop is about you also understanding that you are still becoming the woman God created you to be as the relationship with your role as a mom shifts as you finish one season and prepare and find joy in the next!.  


You will be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to set your focus on the

Giver of all good things.  


Come Join Me!



Why work with me?  

 I’ve been there.  I am a momma of two wonderful adult children. Both of whom went out of state to school.  I am a former therapist who has walked with other women through the hard things.  I know things to share about transition, dreams, and fears with you.  I know how to help you focus on God’s truth, not the thoughts that wake you up in the night.  

When my husband and I dropped off our oldest, we cried the entire ride home.  I was aware that things would be different, but I was unprepared for all the emotions and new ways of being a mother to her.  

When our second child started his journey at a military college, and we knew we would not have contact for four weeks, I was more intentional about how I prepared my heart and how I prayed about the transition. 

I would have loved to have had a workshop like this to give me the support and the skills to be intentional about this season. 


Imagine having the skills and confidence to celebrate your and your child’s new journey.  
Letting Go Gracefully is for you if you want encouragement and practical advice for thriving in this next season.
Let’s do this!
What others have said....
  • This workshop helped me think about how I approached this season.  I recognized I had this fairy-tale version of how this was going to look and it was not realistic…  Thank you for pointing me up.

  • I felt like I was going to lose it- that there was something wrong with me because I was so irritated and frustrated when things didn’t work out when all I wanted was to help.  This workshop taught me how to respond by asking “what’s the real thing happening here? Is this personal?” Game-changer Charlotte!

  • I feel freer.  I can be sad and hold a curfew time. I can plan things and ask for what I need instead of worrying I am going to get an eye roll or an argument.  Thank you Charlotte for real examples.  I am grateful for permission to enjoy the moment and am excited to see what is next.  

You've got Q's

I've got A's

How many participants will be in the group?

Group size is limited to 12 for this workshop.

What do I need to do to prepare for this?

A commitment to invest in yourself and intentionality committing to set aside the time of the workshop to participate to receive the full benefit! 

You will receive a pre-workshop worksheet that will take about 30 minutes to do but will guide you to define your values and priorities will focus you on the work we will be doing together.

Is there a refund once I join the group?

Due to the process (such a limited number of spaces, and the nature of the workshop (a lot of time, prayer, and intention have gone into the process), there is no refund once you have committed.  Be intentional… Trust the process.. pray!

Will this be recorded if I can't be on?

Yes, You will receive a recording of the workshop if you are unable to attend.  I understand how busy life is.  But it is a small group and it would be wonderful to see your face and have your questions and thoughts included!

from others

sweet notes about working with Charlotte

  • Warm, open, and caring. Charlotte works with you to meet your goals and be happier, healthier, and find the joy in life.

  • Charlotte’s vast expertise and knowledge, combined with her compassionate heart and her giftedness as an encourager and a teacher, inspired me to step into new arenas of personal and professional development – areas of development that have forever enriched my life.  I am thankful beyond measure.

  • In each and every interaction I have with Charlotte, I experience feeling heard, uplifted, validated, encouraged, supported, valued, and engulfed by genuine concern for my well-being. She has helped me put concerns or challenges in perspective and also provided a new way for me to approach an issue, feeling more capable, competent, and confident. I find her to be non-judgmental, with an incredible capacity of wisdom and compassion. Charlotte is very skilled on a number of levels and I am so grateful to have someone such as her to guide and help me.

  • With sensitivity, considerable observational skill, and wisdom Charlotte helped me navigate one of the most extraordinary passages of my life.  Her guidance helped me see the invaluable lessons before me that ultimately led to my growth, renewal, and peace.  In that process, Charlotte’s joy, humor, warmth, and heart were tremendous assets.