Let's Work


You are no ordinary woman…but right now you are just getting by.

You long to have purpose… but aren’t sure what that is.

You are passionate about things…or you used to be.

You get things done…but still feel like you are stuck

You are overthinking all the things.

And maybe the worst part is you feel like you’re always reacting instead of responding to your life. I can help you define the places that feel so out of joint with who you thought you were and who you want to be. 

Through one-on-one coaching, I will support you in developing clarity and gaining understanding about your values, your goals, your legacy, and how you show up in your life.   I will remind you how wonderfully and fearfully your brain and body support you to make changes as you develop the skills to do the work.

My one-on-one coaching sessions begin at $150

Individual Coaching Sessions


Individual 1 hour sessions

Not sure coaching is for you but want to try it out? If you are curious about working with a Christian coach, and not sure about your goals but want some clarity, this is a good place to start.

We will dig in, untangle the thoughts and get a clear path to moving forward.

During our 60 Minute Session we may work through:

– Identify Roadblocks
– Goal Roadmap
– Discover Clarity & Purpose
– Custom Strategy & Accountability Plan

The investment for an Individual Coaching Session is $150/60-minute session.


3 Month Term
First month - weekly sessions, Second and third month - bi-weekly sessions, 8 sessions total

– Identifying Roadblocks
– Creating a Goal Roadmap
– Discovering Clarity & Purpose
– Creating a Custom Strategy & Accountability Plan
– In Between Session Support, access, and accountability

The investment for the Alignment Package is $1,200 or $400/month for 3 months.


6 Month Term
12 Sessions (1 hour, every other week)

This is for clients who are ready to do the work and know that real change takes a commitment and time. 

– Deep Dive into articulating your desired outcome

– Identify Roadblocks

– Goal Roadmap

– Discover Clarity & Purpose

– Develop Tool Box specifically to empower and build confidence

– Custom Strategy & Accountability Plan

– One-on-One Coaching

– Guided, relevant work in-between sessions

The investment for the GRACE PROCESS Package is $1980 or $330/month for 6 months.

Contact me directly for a customized package!

Step 1

Complete Application

Step 2

Initial Consultation

Step 3

Weekly Coaching

Step 4

Life Plan

On Your Journey To Success

Find your clarity. What are the thoughts, behaviors, circumstances that are holding you back from feeling empowered and making a change. Let’s develop skills around balance, boundaries, and letting go of old behaviors.

Awaken your creative brain to explore, set, and achieve goals to move toward living the life you are created to live. You’ll be more organized and manage your time more effectively.

Challenge your mindset and address the inner critic and self-doubt while developing more fulfilling relationships and friendships that are healthy.

Gain awareness on the subtle ways perfectionism keeps you from taking action, trying new things, and overthinking decisions. Explore your life purpose, passion, and develop a mission statement to develop a sense of divine connectedness.

My Vision For You

I want you to be able to see yourself as a resilient, authentic, responsive woman. A woman who is grounded in her faith not circumstance, and is able to tolerate the emotional highs and lows that the day-to-day brings. I want you to be self-aware and present so you can bring the best version of yourself to the world and your circles of influence. I believe you have influence and can be a safe person that helps guide those you love by being in touch with your own inner source of power, the Holy Spirit. 

I'm Your Girl If...

You are looking for a life coach for Christian women.  You are ready to create open communication between your heart and soul with calm intentional mindfulness.

You are ready to make intentional choices about embracing and letting go parts of your life that are incongruent with who you want to be and live your life, grounded in your faith and authentic.

You are stuck in a pattern of thinking that is more reactive than responsive.

You want more from your relationships. You are tired of feeling lonely, disappointed, misunderstood, or invisible.

You want to recapture a piece of yourself that wasn’t afraid to take a chance, to try new things, or to be a little wild, that girl that was God’s girl before all the responsibility.