Trained Life Coach

I am a former trauma therapist who has worked with many women to understand the why’s of how the past is influencing their current life stories.  I have loved that work.  I have realized through the last years that my superpower has been helping them move into the ‘what now’ stage.

Life Coach

My best work, my passion is about helping women identify and own their strengths, passion, and live a life that is authentic and aligned with their faith.  My own faith story has supported me as I walk beside other women and give them tools, perspective, and challenge them to be their best selves, to set goals, and move outside of settling and comfort zones to find joy and rich relationships.

Life experiences make us unique

let me share my story

I am a Christ-following wife, mom, Mahnamahna (there’s a story why my grandbabies call me that!), sister, aunt, friend, entrepreneur, an appreciator of most things on four legs.  I have been and still am a teacher, and a woman with a heart for helping other Christian women thrive. I am a noticer and an encourager with skills for helping you live forward.

This world may tell you to be perfect, that pleasing others is a way of life, and that your value is in what you do… not who you are.   

I have lived a lot of my life as a ‘good little Christian girl’ and am recovering from that daily.  You and I are created to be more than a reactive, ‘nice’ woman.  We were made to have impact. 

Sister, it is time to realign with your truth. You are meant for His Glory! 

Living small, or in fear, or trying to grasp at control has nothing to do with God’s plan for you!

You can learn how to be more congruent in how you show up and identify those areas in relationships where you feel like you are settling. You can find your place to use your gifts and your faith to make a difference. You have influence and you have grace whether you are walking into the boardroom or stepping up into your child’s classroom – you are more than enough.



I am a bit of a nerd about how the science of neurobiology supports biblical foundations for how we change and how to live our best aligned life.  My therapy training gives me a research-based knowledge of the neurobiology of change that brings you a solid transformation process to learn skills, to set realistic expectations, improve relationships, and clear the blocks to embracing and rediscovering your playful, creative self.

In that process,  you will develop awareness of self and of God’s desire for you to know and trust Him.  You will learn skills to set healthy, strong boundaries, understand the power of your story, and realize your unique strengths and gifting. You will develop new habits of thinking based on biblical principles of renewing your mind, and how to be present in the moment. 


Our values not only define us as individuals, but help us grow and develop towards a purpose. The values closest to my heart are faith, family, learning, creativity, authenticity, and encouragement. My purpose is to encourage, engage, and support women to live in freedom with Godly purpose and passion, to know their influence, acknowledge their courage, and to remember and embrace their resilience. 

I am a clinically-trained (means I used to be a therapist!) life coach living out a passion to support Christian women who want to be the best version of who they were created to be.

I am a former (recovering daily) ‘good girl’ who understands what it is like to live into the version of what everyone else wants, needs, and tells you to be. I also get that old habits die hard and I love that we are fearfully and wonderfully made with brains that can change old patterns of behavior. I am a bit of a nerd and love to read and teach you about why you do what you do and how to change that!

As I said, I love providing you with information to create self-awareness, I am a noticer of behavior, and equipper of tools for change and thought creation, and will cheer and challenge you to reach out and achieve the things God has for you in this season.

Christian coaching is about looking at your faith and your life and aligning the two so that circumstances and chaos of your life don’t define you but what defines you is that you are a woman who is actively seeking to live a life vertically connected so that you can respond with the essence of truth and grace that is the hallmark of our mighty God.

I know that practicing the presence of God in all the moments of the day-to-day is doable, but I also know that you have days when you just don’t feel His presence, feel like you’ve been anything but the essence of Christ to your kids, your friends, your co-workers…But the good news is–coaching addresses that.

Coaching supports you in making new choices so that you can be the woman with peace, joy, gentleness in the midst of a world that desperately needs you. Coaching with me is about understanding you can respond to your life rather than get spun up with reactions each time someone lets you down, things don’t go as expected, or boundaries are needed.

Whether you want to have more peace, feel more engaged in your relationships, or feel stuck and want more passion, discover your purpose, that’s what I do, I promise to create a safe space to do the work!

My purpose is to support you, introducing you to new awareness and new ways of seeing yourself as you are seen by your Creator.

  • Stay-at-home Mom
  • Wife
  • Later in Life Student (I went back for my Masters at 56!)
  • Therapist
  • Mentor
  • Women's Group Leader
  • Business Owner
  • Horse Enthusiast
  • Therapy Dog Team Member
  • Workshop Teacher
  • Retreat Creator
  • Life Long Learner
  • Avid Reader
  • Lover of Outdoors