Moms Letting Go Gracefully

Letting Go Gracefully:

Managing the Season of Empty Nest



  • Are you anxious and feeling worried about your kid being okay on their own?

  • Did you think you would rock this transition and not be THAT MOM?

BUT — now you are struggling to manage everything and the time with that kid feels so short.


Sending the first or the last kid out the door to face the world is a scary thing. All kinds of emotions and questions– What is my life going to be like when they are gone?  What are the new rules for having an adult child?  Who am I now? 

Give yourself the gift of time and tools to find those answers.

This group is led by Charlotte Easley, a mom and a therapist for women who understands how hard this season can be without the right tools.  This small group will partner with the horses to bring insight, support, and perspective to this busy and emotional season. 


This group is for you if you want to handle this season with


(And do some intentional thinking about what you want

this next season of life to hold for you!)

What to Expect:

  • Fun and support in the company of other moms and a herd of horses.

  • Horses help us understand how to be present and what it means for us to embrace this season of change.

  • Topics:

    • what you can expect this summer and beyond;

    • tried and true tips for surviving the transition;

    • how to stay out of your child’s way;

    • lean in to your own new identity as the mom of an adult child.

Here’s what is included:

  • 6 hours of equine-facilitated group  

  • Letting Go Gracefully Workbook 

  • Small support group of other mothers

  • Partnership with one of our wonderful herd to support and inspire your journey

  • Beautiful peaceful setting where you are making yourself the priority!

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No  riding  or experience  with  horses needed.  
Just  bring a spirit of adventure and desire to thrive and grow in this
 new season  of your life.