Healers and Horses: Developing a Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Practice

Are you someone who is already doing this work but want to take it to a new level?

Or, are you someone who has always wanted to do this work and need support to get going?

I know you! I may have even spent some time on the phone with you talking about the what it means to do equine assisted work.

You are excited by the possibilities. You know the power that horses add to the journey of healing. You understand that time with horses changes lives- your own and the people that come into contact with them. But where to start?

Healers and Horses

Coaching group is designed

to help you develop a plan

to start or expand your

equine practice with

attention to the 

multidimensional nature of

the work and with intention.

One of the reasons this work is challenging and differs from other therapy modalities is equine assisted therapy requires a team: horses, you, the equine professional, and the clients. It involves the weather, the veterinarian, the farrier, barn maintenance, the scheduling. It is not something that you can go to a training and come back and immediately start.

Doing this work is different from other mental health practices

—and doing this work

through a trauma informed lens is important.

What is Healers and Horses Coaching Group


This is a small group of fellow therapists whose goal is to create an informed plan of action about next steps.  This group meets monthly for the next three months and is for you if you:

  • are exploring adding EAP to your work with clients.
  • want more resources or to refine your ideas and dreams.
  • know that having a trauma informed lens is important but not sure what that looks like in the arena.
  • want support and accountability to create a plan of action.



Healers and Horses: Developing a Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Practice


A small group of clinicians who are working toward adding or refining their EA practices. Each month there will be an educational component, time to address individual situations, creating a plan of action, and, accountability and support.

This group will provide you with:

    • Information on certification and training programs
    • Understanding what a trauma informed equine practice includes
    • paperwork considerations
    • a list of resources for forming and caring for a team (horse and human)
    • a plan to move you forward to starting or revving up your EA practice.


The group will meet once a month for three months.
March 30, April 27, May 25
9:00-10:30 am EST


$75.00/ session- for a 3 month commitment —$225.00 due at sign up or monthly with card on file.

There will be no refunds after registration.


Live online  sessions each with an educational component followed by discussion, planning, and problem solving with accountability and support.

You want to work with someone who gets it—

I understand

I understand trauma and the importance of being able to heal and learn in relationship and I have found that horses are ideal partners for this.

As a therapist and an equine specialist actively practicing a trauma informed relational model, I know how important is to have a place to help you develop programming for your niche.

My passion is to support therapists like you who are either doing this work, or want to add equine assisted work to their practices.

Offering you a unique perspective comes from being certified in several different models, including Path, Int.,  EAGALA, and EA-EMDR and appreciating different aspects of each. I can support you as you create a roadmap to reach your goals to do this work well.

Equine assisted therapy is such a gift and a

change agent for our clients–Let’s work together

to build your practice!




Register now — spaces are limited.


My equine and consulting practice includes experience with and designing:

  • A group and individual therapy model for sexual trauma survivors
  • Groups for women in recovery from substance use
  • Workshops and retreats for self-awareness and learning to play
  • Creating and running staff retreats
  • Veterans programming
  • Collaborating with non-profits and government agencies
  • Speaking, teaching, and writing about a trauma informed relational equine model


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