Authentic Self One Day Retreat (Watch for Dates for

Our Spring Retreat-coming soon)

The Daring Way™& Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

A journey of self-reflection…beautiful, meaningful time and space to explore the question—How do I want to show up in the world and how can I begin?

What might happen if you step into the arena?

We step into the arena every time we choose to leave our comfort zone. It feels vulnerable. And it is brave. Your arena may be allowing trust in relationships, trying new experiences, facing fears, weathering life transitions, a new job, being an empty nester, finding yourself single, stepping into your truth.  Living as the woman you want to be means stepping through the gate and into the arena.

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You are invited to gather with us for a retreat  for women who are looking for a new experience,  in a beautiful space that is being created for those of you who  have given themselves permission to explore what it means to look at the arena with new eyes.  You will spend the day sharing space with other brave women and with a wonderful herd of horses engaging in non-mounted work looking at how we can move toward wholehearted living and exploring concepts of The Daring Way™.

Retreat Details (coming soon!!)

Co-facilitators are Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator with a private psychotherapy practice in Severna Park, Maryland, and Charlotte Hiler Easley, LCSW, an EAGALA and PATH certified psychotherapist and equine specialist practicing in Lexington, Kentucky. Joining our team in the arena will be Lisa Swanson, equine professional.

Participants will be introduced to concepts of The Daring Way™and we will use my relational equine assisted learning (REAL) model to practice embodying those concepts. We will experience the felt sense of what it is like to show up and be seen. We are summoning up those pieces of ourselves that are longing to be heard if we get out of our own way.

We will connect through exploring who we are in the arena and with the help of the horses, the experiences will be carried forward into a new way to show up in those places of vulnerability. We will finish with intentions and practices we can take back into our day to day lives. No experience with horses is required or needed. We will not be riding or focusing on horsemanship. This event is about connecting without judgement in the moment.

What about you would be different if for one day you allowed yourself to step into a new experience? What if you lay down the masks and armor and step into the arena, trusting that you could learn something more about yourself in the span of 8 hours? Do you want to find out? 

Registration to open soon

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FAQ’s About Authentic Self Retreat:

What is this retreat about?  This is a retreat for women weaving together experiential time spent with horses with an introduction to The Daring Way™, which is based on Brené Brown’s research on authenticity, courage, vulnerability, trust and boundaries. Click here for more information on The Daring Way™. This retreat focuses on stepping into your best self and stepping into the actual arena while experiencing true connection and support.

Who is this for? This is for any woman who is willing to search within to find her most empowered self, to access trust in herself so she can develop trusting relationships with others, and who wants to know what it is like to embody authenticity and show up differently in the world. This is for you if you’ve wanted to feel the deep connection with another sentient being that comes from equine work, and you’ve wanted to learn more about applying Brené Brown’s books to your life. Horses accept you for exactly who you are, as you are, with no need to change. Can you do the same thing for yourself?

Cost: Watch for information


Cost Includes:  The retreat experience, a beautiful lunch, snacks and beverages.

Where: This spring our retreat will be in the beautiful Bluegrass region of Kentucky.  Lodging information available upon request. Out of town participants should plan to fly into Lexington’s Bluegrass Field Airport.

What if I have never been around a horse?  Not a problem.  The day will involve exploring new experiences in a safe, supported environment with the team which includes you, Laura, Charlotte, Lisa and the horses.  We will not ask anything of the horses except to be with us in their space and it will be exciting!  There is no riding or horsemanship skills needed, just you showing up.

What are the themes?  We will be exploring what it means for you to show up; recognize blocks to stepping up or out, and create new mind and body connections that support your new awareness of how you want to show up in your life. You will leave with new practices and intentions to use in your daily life.

What do I wear?  The only thing you need is closed toed shoes (tennis shoes are fine). You may wear anything that is comfortable and weather appropriate (we will be outside if the weather cooperates).  And that you don’t mind getting horse hair onJ.

Do I need to bring anything?  We will have everything you need. You just need to bring yourself for a time of connection, support, fun, and awareness.

More information: or

Facilitators:  Laura Reagan LCSW-C & Charlotte Hiler Easley, LCSW ESMHL

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Recently –

The PATH, Int. Conference in San Antonio, Texas in November

Lisa Swanson and I  presented on our tried and true method for :

“Creating Routine for Preparation, Execution and Release for the EAL/ EFP Team in a Trauma-Informed Relational Model”

The importance of thoughtful, strong routines for all members of an EFL/EFP team in the implementation of sessions creates a healthy environment for a quality experience. Learn how a well-developed trauma-informed relational model should include a system of specific and intentional care for all members of the team for sustainability.

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Workshop:  Horses and Yoga

Dates: New dates coming soon!


(If you are interested in the next session contact me to be added to the list!)

If you have been running in the frantic zone with your life- give yourself a gift– the gift of space and playfulness.

A totally unique experience with the herd.  An experience that will bring awareness of grace and intention through interaction with the horses.

We will spend time doing traditional gentle yoga and hanging out with the herd. Horses are the grand masters of mindfulness and non-judgment.  Mixing the two gives you the opportunity to relax, laugh, and marvel at the peace that comes with this experience.

Give yourself this time for refreshing your mind and body– a mini retreat! This evening with the herd will energize you and give you fresh perspective for the summer.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Wear comfortable clothes, closed toed shoes, and an open heart.  Level: Beginning

*Limited spaces!!!

Workshop sizes are limited.  

All activities are non-mounted.  You need no horsemanship skills.

A Woman's Life Workshop: Horses and Yoga