There’s something about stepping into the barn…
You hear soft sounds from the horses as they munch on hay in their stalls.
There is something about this that feels connected.  This is the environment of A Woman’s Life Equine Assisted Workshops.

This is about YOU….

A Woman’s Life Equine Assisted Workshops and Retreats are opportunities to do something different just for you.

These events are designed for women who are looking for a new way to learn.

If you are looking for fun and the opportunity to rediscover your playful, thoughtful, and creative self — Step into the arena for some #neighmasté!

Or  maybe you want something that is focused on building skills to improve your relationships, discover your strengths, or move through seasons of life with grace and more self awareness — You might want to sign up for the Authentic Self Retreat, the Perfectly Imperfect Workshop, or the Life Map Group.  All have the beautiful benefit of feeling supported and heard by the facilitators, the group, and most importantly, the horse.

All workshops and retreats are designed with you in mind. Making you feel safe, supported, and empowered are the goals.  Each workshop is facilitated by a team composed of myself, a certified equine professional, and the herd.  No riding or horse knowledge or experience is needed.  Just your presence and willingness to show up for the experience.

Being with the horses is an unique opportunity to practice being in the moment, to lean into the presence of these intelligent creatures, and to feel reassurance that you are ‘enough’ when the horses trust you to enter their space.

The herd can allow you to experience to feel connection.  You’ll begin to understand how it feels to be accepted just as you are, let go of the judgement, and live in the moments of your life.

Come join us in this environment that cultivates a sense of empowerment, mindfulness, and confidence. The authentic feedback and the sense of connectedness are why working with horses has become part of my story.

Workshop:  Horses and Yoga #neighmasté

Dates: Sundays

May 19 , June 2   

1:00 – 2:30 pm  

Cost:  $45.00 for one or $85.00 for both

If you have been running in the frantic zone with your life- give yourself a gift– the gift of space and playfulness.

Join me, Jackie Campbell Hanson of The Yoga Room in Versailles, KC Jensen of CKRH,  and the herd for an experience that will bring awareness of grace and intention through interaction with the horses and their environment.

Horses are the grand masters of mindfulness and non-judgment.  Mixing the two gives you the opportunity to relax, laugh, and marvel at the peace that comes with this experience.  We will spend time doing traditional, gentle yoga and hanging out with the herd.

A Woman's Life Workshop: Horses and Yoga

Refresh your mind and body– a mini retreat and a fresh perspective for the summer.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

Wear comfortable clothes, closed toed shoes, and an open heart.

Level: Beginning

*Limited spaces!!!

Workshop sizes are limited.  

All activities are non-mounted.  You need no horsemanship skills.